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Payment and Security


Credit Cards

SmartKnit accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. We also accept PayPal payments.


SmartKnit accepts checks. In order to pay by check, please contact a customer service specialist to place a tentative order. This will begin the order process and you will be provided with an order total. Simply mail the check in the correct amount to:

120 Osage Avenue

Kansas City, KS 66105

Sales Tax

SmartKnit is required by law to charge sales tax on all orders placed in the following states:

  • CA: 9.00%
  • ID : 6.00%
  • KS : 8.925%
  • LA: 4.00%
  • MI: 6.00%
  • MO: 8.35%
  • NC: 6.75%
  • NY: 4.75%
  • OH: 8.00%
  • TX: 6.25%


We use the strongest encryption technology to protect your confidential personal information and credit card information. All credit card information is encrypted and transmitted using a secure SSL protocol. SmartKnit does not retain your credit card information after your purchase.