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Girls' Seamless Low Rise Boy Cut Style Undies, 3 Pack


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Super soft, non-binding seamless girls low rise undies in boy cut style are perfect for girls who hate bothersome seams.

SmartKnitKIDS SeamlessUNDIESTM

SmartKnitKIDS SeamlessUNDIESTM are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, or for those who just can't stand undies with seams.

The patent-pending form-fitting design of SmartKnitKIDS SeamlessUNDIESTM ensures that they fit like a second skin - they won't wrinkle or bunch. The top and leg openings of SmartKnitKIDS SeamlesUNDIESTM are also elastic band-free, which helps prevent the annoying and sometimes painful indentations on the legs and waist.

SmartKnitKIDS Girls' Seamless Low Rise Boy Cut SeamlessUNDIESTM Feature:

  • Completely free of seams - No seams to bug ya!
  • Soft material "Hugs" little bottoms for a form-fitting design
  • Comfortable, non-binding waist & legs - no elastic
  • 3 Pack includes: 3 pair of white OR one pair each of white, purple & pink undies
  • Polyester/Lycra
  • 100% USA Made

U.S. Patent #9,095,176


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